2021 LFCSD Skills Competition!

Sunday, January 10th 6-9:30pm

The Christmas holiday break is rapidly approaching. With the stress of early morning practices, finals, and of course COVID; it’s time we have something to look forward to along with our upcoming tournaments. There have been numerous LFCSD games earlier in the season that have been highly competitive, intense, and great to watch. However, with every league, such as the NHL, there is an All-Star break and Skills Competition.  Since we have our own LFCSD league, it seems right to have our own skills competition.  

On Sunday January 10th at Hot Shots in Lake Bluff, we will have all players participating in LFCSD Skills Competition. There will be 5 total events and we’ve already started working on the events so that players can be ready. Since we have players in and out of participation due to quarantining and now finals, this is a great chance to focus on these individual skills and build excitement for the skills competition. Each team will compete in their own competition and we’ll have winners at each event for each team.

LFCSD Skills Competition Events:

1. Fastest Skater

2. Goalies – Pass and Shot

3. Hardest Shot

4. Accuracy Shooting

5. Agility and puck control


1. JV Blue 6:00-7:00pm

2. JV Gold 7:15-8:15pm

3. Varsity 8:30-9:30pm

Explanation of events:

1. Fastest Skater

a. Two players will start at the red line on both sides of the rink and skate in opposite directions

b. Players will skate one full lap around the rink going behind the nets, best time will win.

c. Each player will only get one opportunity

2. Goalie Competition – Pass and Shoot

a. There will be 2 lines of players to both the left and right of the goaltender inside the circle between the face-off dot and the hash marks.

b. Coaches will have pucks on the goal lines directly below each line.

c. Each goalie will face 10 shots

d. Coach will start the competition by passing up from the goal line to the first player in line, this player will shoot from a stationary position

e. Once the player shoots, the coach on the opposite side of the net will pass a puck out to the first player in line and they will shoot.

f. Once a player shoots, they will go to the back of the line

g. Goalies will each get 3 opportunities and the goalie with the most saves out of a single round of 10 shots will win

3. Hardest Shot

a. Players will skate from the blue line and shoot the puck when reaching the hash marks and shot speed will be obtained from a radar gun

b. Each player will take 3 consecutive shots, hardest shot will be recorded

4. Accuracy Shooting

a. 6 targets will be placed in the net

b. Players will be timed on how long it will take them to hit all five targets, fastest time wins

c. 18 pucks will be given for each round. Players will attempt to hit all 6 targets in the quickest amount of time

d. Players will only get 1 opportunity

e. If no player hits all 6 targets in 18 shots the player with the most targets and the lowest time will win

5. Agility Skating and Puck Control

a. A specifically designed course will be used to test stick handling, puck control and agility.

b. Players will start in one corner of the ice, stickhandle through pucks, make quick turns around tires, get a breakaway, and then pivot to backwards skate over the finish line.

c. If a player does not score on the breakaway, they will get one second added to their overall time

d. Quickest time through the course will win