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Regular Season 2018-2019
2018-2019 x Regular Season
Mobile Team ID: 2802400

Varsity Team Stats

17 5 2 91 47 24

Varsity Game Stats

Date Home Team Score Away Team Score
9/16/18 Loyola Maroon 1 LF Varsity 2
9/20/18 Deerfield 0 LF Varsity 5
9/26/18 Libertyville 4 LF Varsity 2
9/30/18 LF Varsity 2 Loyola Maroon 0
10/3/18 LF Varsity 2 Prairie Ridge 4
10/7/18 LF Varsity 8 Evanston 5
10/11/18 Latin 1 LF Varsity 2
10/13/18 Prep 2 LF Varsity 4
10/14/18 LF Varsity 2 Lane Tech 2
10/17/18 LF Varsity 6 Latin School 2
10/19/18 LF Varsity 4 Deerfield 1
10/21/18 LF Varsity 3 New Trier White 4
11/04/18 BGHW 2 LF Varsity 7
11/09/18 Leyden 2 LF Varsity 3
11/11/18 LF Varsity 5 BGHW 2
11/16/18 LF Varsity 1 Leyden 0
11/17/18 Prairie Ridge 3 LF Varsity 0
12/01/18 Lane Tech 2 LF Varsity 2
12/08/18 Evanston 2 LF Varsity 4
12/13/18 LF Varsity 5 Highland Park 1
12/16/18 LF Varsity 5 Prep 1
1/08/18 Highland Park 1 LF Varsity 7
1/06/18 LF Varsity 6 Libertyville 2
1/13/18 New Trier White 4 LF Varsity 3

Recent Varsity News

Registration Open for Scouts Spring Hockey 2019

02/22/2019, 9:30am CST
By Scouts

2019 Spring program will consist of: 
8 skill sessions and a 4v4 inter-club league all at Hot Shots Ice Arena from April 2nd to May 29th.

Mondays will be focused on skill development and competitive small area games.

Wednesday nights will be devoted to our Inter-club 4 v 4 Spring league where 4 teams will play in a regular season league, playoffs and Championship game for the Scouts Cup.

$650 Per Skater/$325 Per Goalie


10 Questions with Sam Sheffield, Lake Forest Boys Hockey

02/22/2019, 9:30am CST
By Alyssa Groh, Editor

Sam Sheffield is a senior and plays center on the Scouts hockey team.

How did you get started with playing hockey?
My brothers played hockey because my dad was a hockey player and made us all play. I have always looked up to my brothers so I played it too and kept up with it and tried to get as good as I could.

What is the hardest part about playing hockey?
The mental aspect because it is a pretty demanding sport, physically and mentally. You have to push yourself to your limits when you are tired. When the puck is in your zone, you still have to stay out there and work until the puck is out of your zone no matter how tired you are.

What will you miss the most about playing hockey for the Scouts?
I will miss the fun and playing with my teammates. Almost half of the kids on the Scouts team I have grown up with and they have been on the Lake Forest Winter Club team with. We are all familiar with how we each play which helps during games.

What is your favorite memory of playing with the Scouts?
I would say the game versus Loyola on Friday. That was our biggest crowd it was an exciting game and fun to play. With it being one of my last games, it is one I will always remember.

What is the best coaching advice you have received?
Don't do too much. My current coach, Steve Sarauer, told me because at the beginning of the season I was going through hard times mentally and I was trying to do too much. Him telling me not to do too much helps me relax and play my game.

If you could play any other sport what would it be?
If I had to choose a sport I don't already play, it would be lacrosse. I am generally an athletic person since I play other sports and can run well. All my friends say I would be good at it and I like the physicality and speed of it.

If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be?
Patrick Kane. He has been my idol growing up my whole life. He has been the player I have always looked up to and who have tried to model my offensive game off of. I feel like he and I are similar people because we are both kind of crazy but love hockey, scoring goals and making plays.

What is your favorite restaurant in Lake Forest or Lake Bluff?
Egg Harbor, they have good breakfast there. Over the summer I discovered they have really good Belgian waffles.

Would you rather have three hours of homework every night or a test every day?
I would rather have a test every day because I am not someone who can focus on something I don't like to do for a long time. School work is not something I like to do for a long time. I would rather prepare for a test then spend hours doing homework every night.

If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?
I think it would be to fly. I think it would be cool to different places and see different things.

As Seen in the the Lake Forest Leader!

"Between the Lines" - Hockey Rolls into State

02/13/2019, 2:45pm CST
By Nick Wnuk - The Forest Scout

Last Friday, the Lake Forest High School Boys Varsity Hockey (17-5-2) team swept Latin School of Chicago (7-9-3) in a three game series advancing them through the first round of the state playoffs. The Scouts defeated Latin in all six of their games this season which circulated an abundance of confidence throughout the Scouts’ locker room as they prepare for the Loyola Ramblers. 

Junior defenseman Kyle Platt attributed their win to the student section and their style of play saying, “The fans brought a lot of energy that helped us work through the third period and we didn’t let their physical play get to us.”

Lake Forest College will certainly get rowdy throughout the remainder of playoffs. Located just off Sheridan Road, it operates as the perfect hub for the Boys’ Hockey Team as high school students flock for intense competition. This will surely help the Scouts against Loyola in round two of playoffs as two of the three games will be played at LFC. 

More specifically, Forward Peter Haggerty credited a more minute detail, “We worked on our power play a bunch in practice and we carried that over.” 

That’s a rare statement coming out of an experienced senior who is playing his fourth and final year with a coach who just joined the team in 2018. Coach Steve Sarauer, however, is deserving of the recognition, having turned the Scouts around from last in league in 2018 to second in 2019. 

Haggerty likes that Coach Steve, “…has brought over new gameplay and drills that have helped us be successful in competition.” 

Advancing through the series wasn’t the only accomplishment being passed around the hockey team last week as Senior Captain Griffin Slobodnik was given a spot on the Illinois All-State Team, granting him the opportunity to compete nationally. 

Haggerty attributed the honor to “the combination of his speed, great hands, and work ethic.” 

Slobodnik is innocent to life without hockey, giving him the advantage of numerous years of training. This training, however, is meaningless without the long time commitment that Slobodnik has given not only to his passion but also to his teammates.

Senior Defenseman Dennis Eveleigh recognizes Slobodnik’s undeniable talent, but looks to him more as, “…the ideal teammate [and] a great leader on and off the ice.”

The Scouts, boasting a series sweep and an All-State player, are in for a great series with the Loyola Ramblers this week with the series starting on Thursday at Lake Forest College. 

Eveleigh thinks, “It’s just about staying focused and executing. We know what needs to be done and it’s just a matter of everybody doing their part.”

With the success the Scouts have had this year under Coach Steve, it’s hard to disagree with Eveleigh.

Peter Haggerty, on the other hand, talks through his smile when looking towards the matchup saying, “They are third in this league and we are second so we have to set the tone early in order to win.”

The stakes certainly will be high in the three game series against Loyola, so be sure to get out there and support the Varsity Hockey Team on their road to state. 

The three game series will start on February 14th at 9:15 PM at Lake Forest College. Game Two will be played on February 17th at 4:00 PM at the American Heartland Ice Arena in Lincolnwood; if necessary, the series will close out back at Lake Forest College on February 20th at 7:30.