LFHS has been Accepted to the SHL


The SHL is the premier high school league in the state and consists of the top high school programs, including teams such as Loyola Gold, New Trier Green, Stevenson, and Glenbrook North. The SHL is only “pure” teams, (no combined clubs are permitted), and has consistently produced an AHAI State Champion since 2014 with nearly all participating clubs representing the top 10 clubs in the state.

Over the past 4 seasons Hockey Director and Varsity Head Coach Steve Sarauer has brought accountability, discipline, integrity, structure, and a competitive culture to the LFHS program. These high standards have put LFHS hockey into a competitive position within the Illinois high school hockey community.

Entry in to the SHL will be accompanied with more on-ice practices, consistent off-ice training sessions and formal video sessions; this will require a high commitment from all players involved.

The LFHS program has grown and developed over the past 4 seasons. The coaching staff is committed and excited to make this jump. The talent of the players in the 2022-23 season is the highest since Coach Steve started back in 2018. The development of LFHS players from start to finish has been proven and will continue with the club’s participation in the SHL. Many former LFHS players have worked incredibly hard and were committed to this goal. Acceptance into the SHL couldn’t have been done without them. 

Now comes the next step - to be the best you must play the best. Playing in the SHL will be challenging, but the players at LFHS have proven they are willing and ready to take on this challenge.