Site 'how to' guide

The items below will help should you have any issues using our website.

LOG IN (AND SIGN UP): Use the "Log In" link to log into the website. Use the "Sign Up" to create an account if this is the first time you're using the site. You will receive an email to verify the new account.

All parents who wish to receive team emails must sign up for an account. In future seasons, you will re-use your account to register your player and access other features described below.

DASHBOARD: This link is available once you are signed into your account. (See below for categories available under "Dashboard"):

       PLAYERS: This tab lists all players & team staff registered by this email account. Click on the “View Details” to see the details for each player. The View Details display has three items parents may find useful:

              i. Edit Player: This allows the parent to fix spelling errors of the player’s name and update their birth date if was entered incorrectly. NOTE these changes ONLY affect the player on the Club website.

             ii. Add Parent: This feature allows the registering parent to add another parent’s email address to the player’s record. Note the parent being added will have to verify their email address when they get the email and setup an account (if they have not already set one up).

             iii. Add Membership: This feature allows a parent to add an updated USA hockey membership to their player’s record.

    PROFILE: This tab allows the parents to update their account by updating their name (fix typos etc), phone #, email address and password.

NOTE #1: If updating an email, the parent MUST follow the instructions in the verification email to verify the new email. The parent will NOT receive any emails until it is verified.

NOTE #2: If a Team Staff member (coach, manager, etc.) notices his/her name is incorrect on the Team Website, this is where the name is fixed/updated.

FAMILY CALENDAR: This link is available once logged onto the Club website. Every player’s schedule (and parent if registered as a Team Staff member) associated with this email address will be shown on the Family Calendar display. Players must be registered and assigned to a team for their schedule to show up on this display. Also, if you are not the registering parent, you must have the registering parent add your email to the account associated with the child.

 iCal - select the CALENDAR FEED button on the FAMILY CALENDAR display and follow the instructions to sync this calendar with your phone.

Trouble Shooting for Family Calendar and the iCal features:

1. Have you set up a Club website account in your name and email address? See 1.) above.

2. Are you logged onto the website? See 1.) above

3. Is your website account associated with all of the players schedules? The parent who registered each child can add you to the PLAYERS record. See 2.) a. ii. ADD PARENT above.


How Do I See the Details of the Payment Plan We Signed up For?

A. Log on (must be the registering parent)

B. Select Dashboard (upper left corner)

C. Select PLAYERS on the left hand side

D. Select "View Details" next to your player's name 

E. Scroll down, then under Registration History, select "View Details"

F. The payments & dates are listed. Note payments are processed automatically on the dates listed and it may take a couple of days before they appear on your credit card account.


Credit/Debit Cards expire or are lost/stolen. Once you are notified of a failed payment, please update your card as soon as possible.

Steps to change/add a credit card:

1.) Log on

2.) Click on the Dashboard (link in upper left hand corner)

3.) Click on the PLAYERS tab on the left hand side of the page

4.) Click on View Details next to your child’s name

5.) Page down on the Player Info page until you get to “Registration History”

6.) Click on View Details next to the Program to which your child has remaining payments.

7.) Click on the EDIT button next to the card # of the next installment and add another card.

8.) Once you have changed/added a new credit/debit card, please notify the Registrar/Treasurer so an adjustment to the payment due date and/or amount can be made.


A. Log on (must be the registering parent)

B. Select Dashboard (upper left corner)

C. Select PLAYERS on the left hand side

D. Select "View Details" next to your player's name

E. Add the top of this display is a Link "+ ADD PARENT". Click on this link.

F. Add the parent's email address and select ADD PARENT

      1. If the parent already has an account, they will be added immediately.

      2. If the parent does not have an account, then a verification email will be sent to them. They must click on the link to verify their email and then create an account by supplying their name, selecting a password and supplying a phone number. The parent will be added once they have created their account.

G. Parents associated with the child can check to see who has been added by following steps A thru D at any time.


1.) I can't log on. Please click on the SIGN UP link in the upper left hand corner and create an account.

2.) Signup says this email already has an account. Follow the forgot password instructions. If no email to reset the password is received (check your JUNK or SPAM folders 1st!), email the registrar to have Crossbar manually verify or reset your account.

3.) I logged on and clicked on the Family Calendar link and I don't see my child('s) schedule. Solution: Ask the registering parent to add you as a Parent on the child('s) registration (see above question).


1.) Log on to the website using your email address and password.

2.) Click on the DASHBOARD link in the upper left hand corner.

3.) Click on the PROFILE link on the left hand side

4.) Page down past the name & phone numbers field until you get to the password or email sections, update the info and click on save. NOTE: Any new email address will require that you verify the email address so watch for the verification email and follow the instructions, otherwise your account may get stuck in limbo and require help from Crossbar to fix it.

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