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Parents: Stacy & Jim Salanty

Other Interests, Hobbies & Awards: Grant plays on the LFHS Varsity golf team and also qualified and made it to the top 32 in the Michigan Junior Golf Open. He is National Honor Society Member, received two invites to AHAI Development Camp for Illinois, and a member of his church group.

Hockey History: Grant started playing at 7 years and old and immediately became a goalie. He has played for Falcons for 4 seasons, Team Illinois of 1 season, Chicago Young Americans for 3 seasons and 2 seasons as a LFHS Scout.

Future Plans: Grant plans to win the lottery!

From Grant himself: "I've been really impressed with my team this past season; after losing 17 seniors we have been able to put several big wins on the board this season."

Parents: Pride and Steve Haggerty

Other Interests, Hobbies and Awards: Charlie played on the LFHS Golf team and the team won the State Championship in 2019. Charlie was also Captain of the LFHS Scouts JV Hockey team his Junior Season.

Hockey History: Charlie started skating when he was 3 years old and played Mighty Mites at the Winter Club, he then played Mite, Squirt, Peewee and Bantam for Falcons. Charlie played 4 seasons for the LFHS Scouts Hockey club.

Future Plans: Charlie has committed to play golf at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN.

From Charlie himself: "Hockey and being a Scout these 4 years has taught me teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship. I would like to thank my parents for all their support, my coaches I have played for, parents that volunteer to keep the program running, and lastly to my teammates for a great 4 years"

Parents: Marc & Debbie Silver

Other Interests, Hobbies and Awards: Charlie was the captain of the LFHS Lacrosse team, member of the National Honor Society, Cum Laude Society and a volunteer for the Special Olympics.

Hockey History: Charlie started playing when he was 6 years old and played for the Falcons until he came to LFHS Hockey and played 4 seasons for the Scouts.

From Charlie himself: "Thank you to my coaches and teammates. It's been a great experience and I've enjoyed playing for Scouts hockey. Thanks to my parents for supporting my hockey career, especially my dad for coaching my Falcons teams and my mom for always supporting and encouraging me.

Parents: Tom & Bridget Halloran

Other Interests, Hobbies, and Awards: Jacks has played 4 seasons of LFHS Scouts Lacrosse, Football and Hockey.

Hockey History: Jack started playing hockey with the Falcons as a squirt and also played for the Winter Club and Kenosha Comets.

From Jack Himself: "Thanks to all the Scout Coaches and teammates that have made my past 4 seasons a blast!"

Parents: Scott & Leslie Gould

Other Interest,Hobbies, and Awards: Wyatt enjoys Cars, golf and letting loose.

Hockey History: Wyatt started playing hockey as a mite and played 8 seasons with the Ice Dogs of Vernon Hills. He has played 4 seasons with LFHS Scouts hockey.

Future Plans: Wyatt is attending Colorado College

Parents: Mike & Jennifer Farrell

Other Interests, Hobbies and Awards: Gino participated in LFHS Track & Field as well as LFHS Lacrosse. Gino was also a member of the academic honor roll.

Hockey History: Gino started playing at age 10 for the Gurnee Rinkside Maulers Hockey Club and played 4 seasons for LFHS Scouts Hockey.

Future Plans: Gino is considering several colleges and plans to pursue a degree in engineering.

From Gino Himself: "Thank you to all the coaches who have helped me along the way."

Parents: Ezio and Allison Berrettini

Other Interests, Hobbies, and Awards: Nick enjoys attending Cubs games with his family and also coaching young hockey players. Nick volunteered at Center Ice of Dupage where he helped mentally disabled adults and children learn to play hockey with the Chicago Special Blackhawks.

Hockey History: Nick started hockey at age 5 and has played for the Falcons, ChicagoYoungAmericans, Milwaukee Junior Admirals and the LFHS Scouts.

Future Plans: Nick plans to keep pursuing his hockey career and play Junior hockey in the 21-22 season.

From Nick Himself: "For three years I have seen my friends wear suits to school on game-days, listened to a non-hockey-playing peer glorify an amazing game from the night before, and listened to stories my dad would tell me about his experience as a Scout. For three years I have wanted to be a

part of this program so that I could play with my friends, be that guy who made that amazing

play that was talked about the day after and wear the Blue and Gold. This season, things

changed. I was allowed to double roster. Although Covid has removed some of the joy by not

allowing spectators, or allowing us to wear suits to school, I still feel that this is the greatest

hockey experience I have endured over the past 12 years. This wouldn't be possible without the

consideration Coach Steve and the Scouts Hockey Board granted me by allowing me to double

roster. Thank you Steve, Thank you to the Board, Thank you to my parents for getting me to

and from the extra practice and game slots and Thank you to my teammates for accepting me

and allowing me to play along with you, if only for this season. I am extremely proud to wear the

Blue and Gold and call myself a Scout!

Parents: Mark and Julie Slobodnik

Other Interests, Hobbies or Awards: Matty played LFHS Lacrosse and Basketball as well as hockey.

Hockey History: Matty started playing hockey at age 5 for the Winter Club and has played for the Ice Dogs and Falcons before spending two seasons as a LFHS Scout.

Future Plans: Matty plans to attend the University of South Carolina

Parents: John & Chris Kelley

Other Interests, Hobbies, or Awards: Will is also a Life Scout

Hockey History: Will started skating when he was 4, played most of his career at Falcons, one season as an Ice Dog and then 3 seasons as a LFHS Scout

Future Plans: Will is still considering colleges and will attend school in the fall

From Will Himself: "Thank you to my parents, the coaches and organizations throughout the years who helped me develop and play the game I love. You don't have to be crazy to be a goalie, but it helps!"

Parents: Jeff & Cindy Kuchman

Other Interests, Hobbies and Awards: Connor played Golf at LFHS for four seasons and enjoys volunteering at Feed My Starving Children and Bernie's Book Bank. Connor also is on the business incubator accelerator team-Big to Little, and is a member fo the National Honor Society.

Hockey History: Connor started skating at age 2 and played Winter Club hockey, he played four seasons as a LFHS Scout.

Future Plans: Connor plans to attend Wake Forest and plans on playing hockey and golf

From Connor Himself: "Thank you to my parents for providing me with the skates and sticks since I could walk! Thank you to Coach Steve for being an awesome coach!"

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