USE THESE LINKS To Complete the Process for becoming a Manager:

I.  All volunteer managers must complete Safe Sport Training.  Follow the link to complete the online course.

Safe Sport:



II. New for 2020-21: 

National Background Screening - The new program started April 1, 2020, in conjunction with opening the registration for the 2020-21 season. 

Who has to get screened? All adult coaches, officials, board members, employees, volunteers, and anyone else who will have regular contact with, or authority over, athletes under the age of 18 are required to submit to a background screen before any such contact with those athletes. Screening must be completed before a person begins having regular contact with minor athletes. You will not be able to add Team Staff (Coach or Manager) to a Youth/Girls/HS Roster until their Background Screen has been completed.

A valid screen will be indicated by the words Verified or Verified with conditions. This will appear on the Personnel screen for any member who has completed the background screen as well as on the staff list when adding to a roster. If verified with conditions, the terms of those conditions will be provided to the affiliate through separate correspondence. Screening will also be reflected on the Official Roster and on the Credentials Verification sheet. You can also generate a SafeSport & Screening Report from your Registry. This report will show you the season in which the participant needs to renew their SafeSport Training and Background Screening. Screening is valid for two seasons.  To start a background screen as well as additional information and FAQ go to:

As a reminder, SafeSport training is an annual requirement.  

Should you have any questions or need assistance with the registry please contact the USA Hockey Member Services Department at 1-800-566-3288 x 123, or click the HELP in the red bar.

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